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Some ideas would include: The following line provides the main function of the script. A fun way to practice and learn language is to engage in creative activities. October November 16, projected: For example, ask students to look for the main idea of a text, and then to explain what "clues" they saw that supported their answer.

Department reports MEPA results from the final spring test administration. Students use the iPads at home and at school, where they work with the devices throughout the day in every subject area--including phys ed, where students track their progress in the weight room with the free Exercises app developed by Men's Health and Women's Health, and monitor their nutrition using the free Nutrition Genius app.

While this is a little extreme, it helps with cases that are more moderate too. As you may know, the first two components require amendments to the regulations that will be voted by the Board at its June meeting.

See if they have the same points, and discuss any differences and how they identified what was important in the article.

Students receive handouts with key words and phrases from the text "splashed" randomly across the page. After collecting results - outside of the arguably most famous part that my children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of the skin but of the content of their character — people unanimously remembered the repeated phrases and few other specifics.

We anticipate that instruction and professional practice in classrooms will improve for ELLs through ongoing supervision, evaluation, and support for SEI teachers, and by the adoption of updated English language development standards and assessments through the WIDA World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment consortium.

In the classroom he would only communicate in Spanish, but in the privacy of his own home, knowing that only the teacher would hear the recording, he had a breakthrough; his teacher was able to hear him speak English for the first time. Though it's too soon to collect significant quantitative data regarding the effect these devices have on English language learners, the experiences of the students and teachers using iPads and iPod Touches at these districts demonstrate the devices' potential to enrich, enhance, and extend ELL instruction beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom environment.

The student just needs to determine what they want to know and make an "organized picture" of the information so they will remember. Where do they find help? There are many but here are the top ones you should keep in mind: WIDA provides a rigorous system of standards and assessments to advance the language development and academic achievement of ELL students.

It also features voice recognition and conversation modes. Katie Gardner Writing Centre: Define the important information: In order to do this activity, give the students a short text no more than two paragraphs and a small envelope with a picture of a suitcase drawn or glued on it.

In this book, my colleagues and I move beyond a focus on the linguistic features of academic language as the benchmark of language learning to one on academic literacies and implications of the emphasis on academic literacy practices for classroom instruction, research, and policy.

Students will record a video response using one of these programs to answer comprehension questions about a read-aloud story, explain the meaning of a new vocabulary word, or practice orally retelling a story in sequential order.English language learners typically need practice in decoding, vocabulary, and early reading skills.

With younger ELLs, oral instruction is the perfect method for creating and sustaining interest -- teachers can use their body language and voice in addition to songs, poems, jazz chants, role-plays, and dialogues.

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How Culture Affects on English Language Learners’ (ELL’s) Outcomes, with Chinese and Middle Eastern Immigrant Students Ani Derderian-Aghajanian Wang Cong Cong Washington State University United States of America Abstract Immigrant English Language Learners’ (ELL’s) differ according to culture, and therefore may face different.

10 ESL Vocabulary Games to Get Your Students Seriously Engaged Trying to teach a group of intermediate students ain’t easy. At this level, rehashing the basics is a bore and introducing more advanced topics can result in frustration.

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Chapter “Writing Activities for ESL Writers” by Dvorak Summary: This chapter brings to life the ideas for writing activities that can be used during tutoring sessions with ESL students. Lesson Planning with the ELL in Mind from Arizona State University. In this course you will learn how to design lesson plans around the needs of your ELL students and their language level through the analysis of content language and cognitive.

ELL – Vocabulary Word Cards Using Word, create a 2x2 Table for Vocabulary Word and categories around and not to hurt someone's feelings.

But on the playground when they pick on people, it hurts their Read&Write 10 GOLD FOUR-SQUARE VOCABULARY CATEGORY MEATS - TRANSLATION CARNES PORK carne de.

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