How to write a haiku poem yahoo

Enter your email address for weekly funny poems. You could write about animals, plants, the sky, the ocean, streams, the wind, and so on.

You can use the pictures below to give you ideas.


Email sent to this site asking for personal advice is discouraged. Haiku Examples and Tips This page explains how to write a haiku poem, and offers haiku examples and prompts to inspire you. Select one specific season, item in nature, or something else you are going to write about.

Below, you'll find some ideas for writing haiku. My point is this: In your haiku, try to use details related to the senses -- sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste. Look at the three lines together. Please do not send email requesting personal advice. The Panama-California Exposition. If you count the syllables on your fingers as you read this poem, you will see that the lines have five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables, just as they should.

Instead of saying how a scene makes him or her feel, the poet shows the details that caused that emotion. Burgard at or bpositive at spamex dot com Last updated: If you're interested in other kinds of poetry, you might also like our online writing course, Essentials of Poetry Writing.

If you want, you can even write funny haiku poems. Does it give you any interesting ideas? Haiku About Nature If you decide to write a haiku about nature, you will have many more subjects to choose from.

Be aware that some poetry contests will ask you to pay a fee to participate in the competition. The beers helped and the scenery got a little better through lush Louisaina. Please do not use without notice or attribution.

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Notice that this ending is unexpected. Try to "zoom in" on a small detail that contains the feeling of the larger scene.

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If the sight of an empty winter sky made the poet feel lonely, describing that sky can give the same feeling to the reader.Mar 29,  · Best Answer: Haiku is quite simple. The format of Haiku is - 5 syllable 7 syllable 5 syllable This is an example of mine - War in Vi-et-nam = 5 Oh, look at me, tough aren't we?

= 7 We lost in the end = 5 It's really easy, just write whatever you may, but using the format i just showed Resolved.

Poetry: Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Oct 25,  · Best Answer: I suspect your teacher is looking for YOU to write a haiku poem about YOURSELF! I doubt they are interested in us (but I'm SURE there will be a showoff or two to write one for you).

Here's a site that will teach you how to write one so you can do your own work and not commit plagiarism by turning in something WE Resolved.

Below, you'll find some ideas for writing haiku. If you're interested in other kinds of poetry, you might also like our online writing course, Essentials of Poetry Writing.

How to write a haiku - try it! You can use the pictures lower down on this page to give you ideas.

Haiku Poem?

hai·ku (hī′ko͞o) n. pl. haiku also hai·kus 1. a. A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five morae, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons. b. A verse form in another language modeled on the Japanese haiku, typically counting syllables instead of morae.

Grandmother Haiku Poems

2. A poem written in this form. Tanka (短歌, "short poem") is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature.

How to write a haiku poem yahoo
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