Fun adjective writing activities

When the students have finished, the correct answers are checked with the class. Encourage students to use more specific, intense adjectives in their speech and writing for more vivid and accurate descriptions.

Divide your class into groups of eight, and make a copy of this fun adjective writing activities pen pal form for each student. To prepare, take a trip to your local hardware store or anyplace else where they sell wall paint. The goal is to get four cards, and therefore four adjectives, that describe the picture in front of you.

You can use index cards or upcycle an old deck that may be missing a card or two. The students listen to the song "Hand in my Pocket" by Alanis Morissette and complete the gap-fill with adjectives.

One point is awarded if a sentence is grammatically correct. Crazy Sentences ESL Adjectives Game - Writing Activity - Pre-intermediate - 55 minutes Here is an entertaining adjectives activity to help students practice constructing sentences with certain adjectives and nouns.

The teacher reads an adjective at random from the worksheet. Share a Mentor Text and Adjective Activity: When a student lands on a square, their partner asks them the 'How did you feel? Each team is given a piece of paper and one student in each team is assigned to do the writing.

Encourage students to come up with their own pairs as well. Then, instead of pulling adjectives randomly, show random pictures of your students one person per photo as well as other teachers and students they might know going about their usual or unusual activities. As an alternative or extension, the students are divided into groups of four or five.

This continues until all the cards have been used. Each group is given a set of dominoes. The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner. For a simple summary of how to order adjectives, see this adjective lesson plan on learn4good.

Adjective Activities

When students think they have found one, they should show you the two profiles and see if you agree. How do they feel when they watch a scary movie? The class is divided into pairs. Be prepared for some entertaining combinations of descriptive adjectives.

In class, give your students a pair of adjectives which have similar meanings but are of different intensity. The players then take it in turns to match the adjective-noun collocations by putting their dominoes down at either end of the domino chain.

They are only allowed to use adjectives — allow them to use dictionaries if necessary. Extreme Adjective Dominoes ESL Adjectives Game - Matching Activity - Pre-intermediate - 20 minutes In this fun adjectives activity, students play a game of dominoes by matching adjectives with their stronger equivalents.

Click here to briefly share a technique you use to strengthen your students' awareness of adjectives that improve writing. The students then take it in turns to roll the dice and move their counter along the board.

The first player to get rid of all their dominoes wins the game. Encourage students to be creative. The students then add up their scores. They can then use their observations to develop a character.

Fun Adjectives

If there are no dominoes left in the pile, play passes to the next student. Students try to explain their answers and keep the conversation going by asking questions.This activity has kids defining the word adjective.

They'll also look for adjectives in a sentence. They'll also write a sentence with two adjectives in it. Having fun whilst learning is an objective that most teachers aim for and this can be achieved during a lesson with a focus on writing.

Getting your students’ creative juices flowing will result in fun lessons and lots of opportunities for learning new vocabulary.

Funny Adjectives

Adjectives are just one area of vocabulary that can benefit from writing creatively. To play this adjective review game, you or your students will need to create a deck of adjective cards.

You can use index cards or upcycle an old deck that may be missing a card or two. To prep the game, simply write a different adjective on each card.

Find an Adjective plus Sports Word for Each Letter See if you can think of and write down a phrase with an adjective and a sports word for each letter of the alphabet (for example, "avid archer"). Or go to a sample answer page.

Fun Adjectives

Motivate those kids by publishing their best stories at our ning! Click here to post your students' adjective-inspired stories! _____ Teachers sharing back! Do you have a clever way you help your students connect with using better adjectives in writing?

Something better than. Adjective activities can make learning about adjectives more fun. Get your students out of a writing rut by introducing these adjective activities into your classroom. When teaching young children about adjectives, adjective activities can help make the process fun while enhancing the learning process.

Fun adjective writing activities
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