Fish farming as a controversial solution to address the problem of overfishing in our oceans

Hence, we have a sort of paraphrasing of the famous probably spurious Marie Antoinette dietary advice: The power to stop the fish farming industry and the big businesses involved lies with the consumer.

Mobilizing to Save Civilization "Our choices at all levels—individual, community, corporate and government—affect nature. We also pull far too many fish to be sustainable, pushing many species to the point of being listed as threatened and endangered.

A contribution to the domination of fast food also came from poverty: Plus, gathering and farming insects can offer new forms of employment and income, especially in developing tropical countries where most of edible insects live.


Destructive patterns of food consumption were imposed on the population with big budget advertising campaigns. But worst of all known threats to these tiny dolphins are fishing related impacts, when they get caught and drown.

By capturing fish faster than they can reproduce, we are harming entire ecosystems that interact with those species, from the food they eat to the predators that eat them. Overfishing is an issue that extends beyond familiar species like bluefin tuna and orange roughy. When you get a better graphic, I would like to share your article on The Otherfish Wrap at blogspot.

The fins are sold as an ingredient for soup. The point here is not only scientific. Here are 11 of the top issues facing the health of our oceans, and our planet.

Please see map of 6 Garbage Patches in our oceans: We might end up with a marine junkyard dominated by plankton. Precisely in the agricultural sector we have had plenty of cases where the truth was hidden for decades. Regional varieties are destroyed in the process.

Farmers are now completely enslaved to the big corporations. Sign up for our newsletter below! An Indian organization hopes to change that by training illiterate woman to become solar technicians Something likeUS citizens a year die from causes linked to obesity.

Each time one of these scandals breaks out, it is presented as an exceptional case and soon disappears from the newspaper headlines [19]. Use your consumer vote.

Slaughterhouses are so big they produce a horrible stench that causes headaches and other illnesses in the entire city where they are hosted. Check out the interactive map created by the World Wildlife Fund. Many countries that have a huge proportion of their population facing famine, are forced to export massive quantities of food to pay back their debts.

Every economic sector under capitalism faces a progressive process of concentration. So far so good as far as eating bugs goes. Starvation could be the cause of the end of the world. InMonsanto, through smaller owned companies, controlled approximately Want to see how your country is doing?

This is bad for them and for us too. It hurts the credibility of the article and the info it provides. Suggesting that we eat insects is a way of saying that humankind must bow to capitalist rule for ever. The question is they cannot win this particular battle.

The US is a big exporter of food and can easily feed and over-feed its population.But critics argue that GM fish may offer a temporary solution to providing food but will not address the problem of over-exploitation of our seas and oceans.

Declining stocks The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation reports that 60% to 70% of fisheries in the world's oceans are threatened by over-fishing. Farming the Oceans: Opportunities and Regulatory Challenges for U.S.

Marine Executive Summary In many parts of the world, including the United States, overfishing has depleted wild fish stocks. Several oceanic regions adjacent to the U.S.

are already being fished to their maximum tenuous claims to the disparate concerns of fish farming. I was investigating peak wild-caught fish recently when I stumbled across Our Oceans Can't Survive Fishing Madness by Gareth Morgan and Geoff Simmons, authors of Hook, Line and Blinkers, an in-depth look at fishing off New Zealand.

I was particularly struck by this passage. Scientists disagree over the size of the overfishing problem. Getting reliable catch data is hard enough, data on fish.

"The Columbia River used to have one of the largest salmon runs in the world. Idaho's Redfish Lake used to host 25, Sockeye Salmon spawning along its shores. Overfishing - A global environmental problem, threat to our oceans and disaster. provides consumer information on fisheries, overfishing and good fish guides. Fish farming accounted for another 50 million tonnes (43%) of production, indirect much of this was fed with the fish from the marine fisheries.

Why is overfishing a problem

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Fish farming as a controversial solution to address the problem of overfishing in our oceans
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