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With each act of the film, De Palma's camera adapts to reflect changes in Carrie's psychology. At least, not according to its author Stephen King. Carrie is a beautiful piece of art not Carrie review filled with that rough beauty typical of early works, revealing a blooming talent.

Watch, for example, how he begins each act with grand brush strokes. As for Moretz herself, she has played formidable roles in TV's 30 Rock and Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2, the second of which specifically addresses the teenage issues of exclusion, status and popularity.

A student is killed by a falling bucket. The film is also book-ended by two symbolic shower scenes. Carrie's mother is also a fairly interesting character. De Palma's next shot continues this pattern.

Each act is shot with an emphasis on different colours and with its own camera language. But there's nothing much else to distinguish it from the s original. Even some events in her confrontation with her mother and later her encounter with Sue Snell, leave clear evidence that Carrie White was thinking in a certain level of "rational logic", maybe irrational for you but when you try to think what could mean to be Carrie White Portia Doubleday probably comes closest in her portrayal of ringleader Chris Hargensen but she still doesn't seem quite as nasty and vindictive as Nancy Allen.

Screamingly afraid that she must be dying, Carrie cringes in the locker-room shower, while the sneering girls humiliate her by throwing tampons and chanting. It's easy to read under the surface of the blood, the curse, the crucifixion, even the pagan, ritualistic slaughter of the pig.

White gets comeuppance for her fervent beliefs. The parents' guide to what's in this book.

Carrie Review

Carrie's delirious, ecstatic murderous act at the end can even be read as a quasi-Columbine event; an apocalypse of teen misery and hate. Say hello to next generation femininity: Having been used to Bella Swan's rather fey acquaintance with vampirism in Twilight, it is refreshing in a way to see Carrie's story again and have the "blood" motif of fantasy and horror satirically reconnected with the political reality of womanhood.

Carrie Review

More interaction between Carrie White and her mother could be appreciated. A lot or a little?Jan 01,  · Read the Empire review of Carrie.

Carrie – review

Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination.5/5. Nov 16,  · Carrie movie reviews & Metacritic score: Carrie White, a shy, reclusive teenage girl who is sheltered by her domineering, religious mother, unleashes her tel 85%(14).

Jul 27,  · Tale of telekinetic teen still packs a punch.

Read Common Sense Media's Carrie review, age rating, and parents guide.4/4. Oct 18,  · Carrie movie reviews & Metacritic score: Carrie White, a sheltered high school girl, unleashes her newly developed telekinetic powers after she is pushed too 53%(34).

Jan 01,  · Carrie White is the outsider of her class and her mother is a religous fanatic who walks around in a black cape.

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After she unexpectedly has her first period, she is teased by the girls more 5/5. Sep 13,  · The most talked-about song on Carrie Underwood’s new album, at least in the run-up to its release on Friday, has been “The Bullet,” in which the country superstar traces the damage left.

Carrie review
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