An investigation into senior secondary school

Statistic concepts and application. Specifically, the study sought to investigate the pattern of interaction and instructional methods used for teaching physics and level of coverage of physics syllabus. The problem of this study is therefore concerned with investigating Senior secondary School Students performance in Mathematical concepts, principles, terms and symbols as contained in Algebra, trigonometry and Statistics in Sokoto State.

Science of counting, number, quantity and space; Study of abstractions and their relationships etc. There are evidences to show that student cognitive and effective attitude falls below expectation.

There is no significant difference in performance in mathematical concepts, principles, terms and symbols among senior secondary school two SS II students of Sokoto State.

An Investigation into Physics Teaching in Senior High Schools

For a person to be able to function very well within his immediate environment, the knowledge of rudimentary Mathematics is very necessary. In a review of research studies that showed an impact on student achievement and learning, the authors summarized effective teaching methods and outlined five teaching behaviours that were supported by research and to which teachers should pay attention.

This recommendation has not been implemented till date and the poor academic performance in these two key subjects politiciation. The researchers had conducted a survey to find out the schools and the students that had covered topics in Algebra, Trigonometry and Statistics.

This was used to find whether there was any significant difference between boys and girls in their mean scores. In order to have a fair representation of the characteristics of the parent population, both boys and girls were given equal opportunities.

Government Girls College Sokoto Girls 72 3. This is because, the teaching and learning of mathematics in secondary schools in Nigeria have a significant role towards understanding the subject as well as science and technology related courses. Sixty 60 mathematics students in the contact session participated in the study.

Senior Thesis 1

Introduction Mathematics is a useful tool in the society, more so in the present technology age. Hence, majority of the students may not be eligible to read science, technology and related course. More so, performance statistics by West Africa Examination Council WAEC from to show that majority of the physics candidates did not obtain the pass grade A — D or A1 — C6 to qualify for admission to tertiary education.

June 13, Accepted: Teachers should always create friendly atmosphere during lesson presentations, this will promote interest in the subject among students. European Journal of Educational Studies, 4 2 Context of the Study Performance of Ghanaian students in physics has been generally and consistently poor over the years.

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All these objectives are achieved by the teacher through giving innovative and appropriate instructions to the physics students. Findings from the study suggest that classroom interaction seemed to be mostly teacher-centered and tended not to support inquiry-based teaching and learning which is noted for promoting conceptual change and enhance performance.

Among the essential suggestions are: There is no significant difference in performance in Mathematical concepts, principles, terms and symbols among senior secondary school students of Sokoto State. Statistics Questions 22 — 32, Q.

Teaching Mathematics, University Press, London. The National Policy on Education states that the broad aims of secondary education are preparation for useful living within the society and for higher education [ 12 ].

European Scientific Journal, 9 10 Is there any difference in performance in Mathematical concepts, principles, terms and symbols among senior secondary schools students of Sokoto State?

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It also shows that, an F value of 0. Electric and magnetic fields are treated in section four. Student teachers teaching experience does not have significant influence on their level of perception of the difficult topics. Hornby [ 7 ] defines mathematics as the science of sizes and numbers of which arithmetic, algebra and trigonometry are branches.

The dissertation commences with a description of the existing curriculum and its setting in the context of Christian National education CNE. Achievement of Austrian students: Learning from administrative forecasting mistakes.

These aforementioned practices can be said to be embedded in a specific instructional model carefully designed to impact on student learning.

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There was no examination in as the duration of SHS was extended from three to four years. Classroom based investigation has been able to determine effective research-based teaching practices that are related to positive learning outcomes.An investigation into the community-relevance of the Ethiopian senior secondary school formal education: The case of Illubabor Administrative Region [Hailemariam Getahun] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

School of Education Faculty of Social Sciences An investigation of senior secondary school teachers’ experiences of integrating information and communication.

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our project topics and materials are suitable for students in Nigeria with case studies in pdf, doc. The importance, how to, effect causes relationship, comparison, history, role, solutions are discussed.

The teaching of economics: an investigation into the aims, texts, and assessment of the senior secondary economics curriculum in Western Cape schools DSpace/Manakin Repository. School of Education >.

Therefore, the intent of this study is to identify those factors influencing students' academic performance in high school. Investigation into the factors that might influence students' academic performance in high schools may contribute to enhancing students' learning abilities in upper secondary education as well as helping them to.

A Case Study of the Common Difficulties Experienced by High School Students in Chemistry Classroom in Gilgit-Baltistan (Pakistan) A Case Study of the Common Difficulties Experienced by High School Students in Chemistry Classroom in Gilgit-Baltistan (Pakistan) Investigation of secondary school, undergraduate.

An investigation into senior secondary school
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